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The NABS System

(Numerology in Alternate Base Systems)

The Arcane Science of Numerology, which involves learning the Secrets of your Hidden Nature fron the Natural Vibrations of the letters of your name, is ready to take a

Quantum leap into the Future!

with the advent of a NEW, MODERN advanced tool for analysing the findings of this exalted science, to wit


Formerly, all analysis of the Natural Vibrations were done in base ten! This provided much useful information, but there were still vast areas hidden behind the veil.
But now the curtains are parting to afford us another revealing glimpse inte the True Nature of the Universe!

For the benefit of any laymen who might have wandered in, let me first explain the traditional Numerology.
Since we use English and grow up with the alphabet drilled into us from an early age, the Order of the Letters naturally assumes the status of an ordering system analogous to numbers. So we begin by assigning each letter a number.

A=1 . N=5
B=2 . O=6
C=3 . P=7
D=4 . Q=8
E=5 . R=9
F=6 . S=1
G=7 . T=2
H=8 . U=3
I=9 . V=4
J=1 . W=5
K=2 . X=6
L=3 . Y=7
M=4 . Z=8

(There is some discussion among practitioners as to whether the space between words counts as a 9.)

The more mathematically inclined among you may already have noticed the absence of numbers beyond nine. There is a reason for this. In the number twelve, for example, there are two digits, a one and a two. When figuring the Vibrations, you must add these digits together to form three. To interpret the results, add all the vowels, then reduce the number to one digit as shown above. Do likewise with the consonants. Finally, add the two resulting numbers and reduce them. You can do this for each name, then add and reduce the results, to get a number that reveals your True Inner Nature
The meaning of the numbers is as follows:

Perhaps an example or two will make this clearer. Let us consider William Jefferson Clinton.

William has 3 vowels, totaling 19, which reduces to ten (by adding the 9 and the 1) and thence to 1. The consonants have the values 5, 3, 3, and 4. This adds up to 15 and reduces to 6.

Jefferson has 3 vowels , 5, 5 and 6. This adds up to 16 and reduces to 7. Consonants are valued at 1, 6, 6, 9, 1, and 5, or 28 reducing to 1.

Clinton has vowels totaling 15 =6, consonants totaling 18=9.
So the vowels for the full name total 41=5 and consonants 61=7.
The two together equal 3, masculinity. This could explain why all those women follow him around and accuse him of a remarkably consistent set of aberrant behaviours.

If, however, we throw off the shackles of the base ten system, we find there is much more to be learned. Let us embark together on a journey of exploration into this uncharted area.

As it is written, to the wise a single word is sufficient, and besides, my forefingers are getting sore, so I will allow you to explore further on your own. This is a fertile field, so watch your step. If you have questions, please contact me by Ouija board. Also watch for my soon-to-be-released web pages,

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